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Pedro Torgal
Pedro Torgal
3D Architectural Visualizer.

 3D Visualization is today an essential element in various fields such as architecture, engineering, interior design, real estate and advertising. Using 3D visualizations can give a real boost to any project.

 The use of 3D visualizations or animations is a big component of the presentation of architectural projects, providing not only a greater visual impact but also a much better understanding of the project itself. 

 The creation of 3D visualizations is done using modern computer graphics software. Once the Project plans and other info and references are received the process of creating the 3d model and cg environment is started. During the various stages of the creation process there is regular communication with the client in order to get feedback regarding the development of the images.


Usually the stages of creating a 3D Visualization are as follows:

- Modeling: Creating the three-dimensional model and environment.

- Lighting: Simulating direct and ambient lighting to set the desired mood.

- Texturing: Creating and using detailed textures to create materials for the 3D models.

- Rendering: Generation of the images or image sequences (if working on an animation).

- Post Production: Color correction and compositing of the different 3D elements that will make up the final image.

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